Students' Feedback on Writing Services. Scam or legit ?

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Nowadays there are lots of different websites which are able to write custom essays for you. Some of these services are legit and some of them are real examples of scam. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a qualitative service, and that is why we made our own investigation of the following website. is a quite popular service online, and we decided that people need to know what quality of services it really offers. We made a great job reading plenty of reviews of the following essay writing service. The results of our investigation showed that it has a lot of disadvantages, as the largest part of customers is not satisfied with the papers received.

Most Frequent Negative Comments

  1. The company does not meet deadlines. As you understand, this disadvantage is very important. All teachers and professors want their students to hand in papers in time. If you do not meet the deadline, you will receive a much lower mark. Even if you have a paper of great quality, time decides everything: your teacher will not be satisfied. That is why it is very important to find a service that is able to meet the deadline.
  2. The quality of papers is not very high. It is obvious that people who are working here are not native speakers and they have not got enough experience to cope with serious assignments such as big essays or course papers. It is better to find a service that suggests works written by native speakers to you, because they know all the peculiarities and rules of the language. No one else feels the language as well as native speakers do.
  3. The prices are higher than at other websites. The papers are very expensive and that is why not all students can afford the services of this writing company. People should understand that students do not have much money even if they are trying to work and study simultaneously. You should look for a website which aim is to help students and make their lives better, but not earn a big fortune.

Our Own Investigation Confirmed the Reviews

We decided to check these reviews and placed an order at We asked to make an essay for us. The cost of this particular paper was $80. It is very expensive for such an easy paper and an average student is not able to pay such a big sum. The reviews of users were confirmed: we did not receive paper in time and the delay was long enough. In addition, the quality of the written paper was not high. It was literally impossible to receive the highest mark with such a paper. As you see, high price does not mean high quality. So our review is negative.

Good Pro

However, this website also has a small advantage: it is a good and convenient design. The design is really easy, and that is why you will find all the information about the services you need quickly and without problems. Moreover, the beauty of this writing company website really gladdens the eye, and it is a great pleasure to work with it.

Sad Conclusion

However, despite the user-friendliness of this website, the quality of conducted papers is somewhere in the middle. We checked all the customer’s complaints and we cannot recommend this particular writing service to serious people who are interested in scientific papers of the highest quality. It is possible to give mark “D” to it. Of course, you can use it and maybe you will be lucky to receive a good paper, but if you need to write something serious that will affect your life, you’d better look for another service. The modern world is able to offer to you a plenty of websites with experienced native writers who can create a text on any topic you need. In addition, there are writing services with much lower prices and a guarantee to meet the deadline.